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Beautiful beef from our specially chosen cattle to deliver fantastic flavour. From gorgeous steaks and succulent family roasts to delicious diced cuts for stews and the perfect braai / shisa inyama (barbeque)- its all here and all awesome. Our steaks can either be fresh or dry aged giving super intense flavour and absolutely fantastic tenderness when cooked. Not to mention amazing biltong & borewors flavours.



All our pork comes from selected local farms, with well-treated and well-reared pigs. This means excellent quality fresh meat and perfect pork meals. For a start think family roast, crispy bacon, fried sausages, grilled chops and gloriously sticky ribs. Delicious.


Our chicken is a brilliantly versatile meal choice – perfect for easy and delicious suppers, from stir-fries and curries to pan-fried chicken fillets. We can supply either portioned or whole chickens.



We personally select all our lamb from specific farmers. Such well-reared, grass-fed animals mean great-tasting fresh meat for you. Enjoy in everyday specials like juicy chops or slow-cooked tender lamb stews or tuck into a treat with a classic roast lamb.


Sourced from local farmers in our area, goats are becoming an extremely enjoyable option for both stews and cutlets.  We can supply cuts to order or whole carcasses.



Wild eSwati Impala sourced from surrounding local game farms, our fresh venison has a great depth of flavour. A lean meat, its rich gamey taste is beautiful in a roast, grilled fillet, or fantastic slow-cooked in a potjie.

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